Where to Stay in Seoul, South Korea

By Polyglot Petra 2/9/24

When you find out that it takes 25 minutes to get from Hongdae to Gyeongbokgung and 40 minutes to get from Gyeongbokgung to Jamsil, that's when you realize... You really need to think about which area you're going to stay in. For that, I'll help!


The first-timer's favorite; convenient, close to everything, 

It's safe to say that Myeongdong is the most central location in all of Seoul.  You can just walk to a lot of places, Namsan Tower included!

You could also walk to the Cheonggyecheon Stream or a bit further to Gwangjang Food Market without breaking your legs!


For culture and history enthusiasts, it's all here!

Stay in one of the Hanoks (traditional Korean houses) inside Bukchon Hanok village to soak in the true Korean culture...

Then take a short stroll out of your guesthouse to find Gyeongbokgung and all the surrounding palaces. A true historical paradise!


The art culture, the youth energy, the street performances...

Apart from cool street performances and art cafés, you'll find the most eccentric bucket list items here!

There are 3 more convenient neighborhoods for visitors. SWIPE UP TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM!