When in Thailand, Don't Go Here...

By Polyglot Petra 3/6/24

Unpopular Opinion incoming! I know there are certain places people simply want to see when they come to Thailand... that I disagree with. But don't worry. I'm providing alternatives. Let's go!

Don't go to Koh Samui. Come here instead. Pa Ton Nam Baan Nam Rad Just outside of Khao Sok National Park.

It's quiet, with clearer water, and much less industrialization if you love running into less people but would like to be "in paradise."

Don't go to Phi Phi Islands. Do here instead...

When I tell people to skip Phi Phi Islands, they flip. But Koh Hong has a white sand beach just as fine, with water just as clear, and a viewpoint atop the island, exactly like Phi Phi. You just run into much less tourists, and some local culture still remains.

Don't go to the Train Market. Come here instead...

The Wanglang Market is right across from the famous Maharaj Pier in the old town section of Bangkok. And it has what I think is the most authentic collection of street food in Bangkok. Let's talk about it more!

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