Things to Do in Sukhothai, Thailand

By Polyglot Petra 2/6/24

Despite its significance as the founding capital of Thailand, Sukhothai is insanely underrated compared to Ayutthaya. But what it has to offer is, in my opinion, way better. Let's take a quick look!

Historical Park

The center of it all... Thailand's 1st capital was right here!

Consisting of 26 temples and over 70 smaller monuments, you can stroll around the inner park where the most important temples are... or rent a bike for cheap and venture out to the rest as well.

Some of the must-sees are Wat Mahathat, Wat Si Chum, Wat Sa Sri, and Wat Trapang Thong

Si Satchanalai

An hour north was the outpost  where the crown prince resided

A UNESCO World Heritage alongside the main Sukhothai Historical Park, this is the quieter option.

You'll feel like you've gotten lost inside a fantasy novel strolling around its mystical woods and ruins.

Baan Na Ton Jan

A local village promoting ecotourism close to Si Satchanalai

Go with the locals to enjoy sunset in the middle of a rice field before enjoying homemade dinner...

Or take the sunrise hike and enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring cloud inversions the next morning... Or both!

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