Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

By Polyglot Petra 2/10/24

It’s rather easy to fall into tourist traps when visiting a new city.  But the question is… which tourist spots can you skip? Which do I absolutely have to visit?  Let's look at some of the best things you can't miss!

Wat Pho

To see the Reclining Buddha, of course... But there's something else

Wat Pho was the FIRST medical school in the country, pioneering holistic Thai massage. You can get the true UNESCO-listed traditional Thai massage here.

As of later 2023, a small Thai Massage museum has also opened inside the temple grounds. Make sure to visit for some historical context and its significance!

Wat Arun

The famous view across the river, also the country's old royal chapel.

Before Bangkok became the capital city of Thailand in 1782, the capital city was Thonburi, another city right across the Chao Phraya River. And Wat Arun was its royal chapel.  The same Emerald Buddha statue that lives in Wat Phra Kaew today used to be inside Wat Arun as well!

Rent a Thai dress and go take pretty pictures with the temple, or have dinner across the river and watch the stupa light up at night... OR BOTH!


Inarguably the sparkliest set of buildings in the entire city

Not only is it one of the most Instagram-worthy spots you’ll ever see in Asia, but it’s also the most sacred temple in Thailand.  It’s home to the Emerald Buddha statue, believed to influence the country’s prosperity.

The dress code is also the strictest; You’ll need long skirts or pants that cover your knees. No ripped jeans. No flip-flops (sandals okay). And no tank tops. But the sight is worth all those rules and more.

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