Here's the Perfect Gift for Travelers and Expats!

By Polyglot Petra 3/20/24

"My friend loves to travel... what should I get her for her birthday?" If you've asked this question before, you're not alone. It's a complex question! "Do I get her a new neck pillow... or cute packing cubes... or a travel journal... but a travel journal isn't very unique anymore..."

If there is one thing you need to understand about travelers... They do have the "travel bug" so they'll want to travel forever... BUT!!

The more they travel, the more goodbyes they've gone through. Sometimes it's saying goodbye to a new friend they met on the road. Sometimes it's saying goodbye to a place they've grown attached to. This raises the value of home and comfort. Ironic, but true.

So, what can you get them that would be lovely, and they can have it with them wherever they go... ...and it acts as a piece of home for them? That would be the perfect gift, wouldn't it?

Isn't this adorable?

Form the boutique brand "Exchange Life, comes the "Two Homes" jewelry collection. Custom-made for every order, customers can choose to engrave 2 countries that are like home to them onto the pendant. This makes for the perfect gift for travelers to carry a piece of home with them. It's also perfect for expats and dual citizens.

On the back, there's an option to add a short quote that would mean something to the person. A quote about adventures, or living life, or home would seal the meaning of your gift.

Take it from a digital nomad who's always traveling.  If someone I care about had bought me this for my birthday, or for my going away party, I'd squeal! SWIPE UP to get it with a 15% discount TODAY!

or SWIPE UP on this slide to learn more about what this necklace means to a traveler. So you can make a more informed decision!

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