Take the Cultural Route through Thailand

By Polyglot Petra 2/18/24

There are multiple sides of Thailand you can explore. You could take the beach route down south... the foodie route into the northeast... or the cultural route up north. Let's explore the cultural route!


The country's current capital city is packed with things to do!

Whether it's visiting the Grand Palace, getting a real Thai Massage at Wat Pho, or strolling around Wat Arun a Thai traditional outfit, you can do it all here in Bangkok! Recommended time: 5 days

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Five hours north of Bangkok, you'll find the country's oldest capital.

Although it may be known to the world as a UNESCO Heritage Site, it has been known to Thai people as our first capital city. If you are a lover of culture and history, this one is an absolute must! Recommended time: 5 days

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Chiang Rai

The first capital city of the ancient Lanna Kingdom is another must.

From exploring the most beautiful temples in the country to sipping locally-grown coffee overlooking cloud inversions... Chiang Rai answers to all your cultural needs! Recommended time: 4-5 days

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