Step-by-Step Guide to Visiting the Korean Spa (Jjimjilbang)

By Polyglot Petra 2/4/24

Visiting a Jjimjilbang is the biggest mystery among culture travelers to Korea. It's a cultural bucket list item, but how exactly do you navigate the etiquettes? Not to worry! It was one of my favorite places when I was in Seoul. And I'm here to help!

Shoes come off in the lobby area. Put them in a locker number of your choice and use the locker key to check in at the front desk. You'll be given towels and a spa locker key with the same number as your shoe locker.

Head to your locker number, change to the robe (sometimes PJ) that you were given and put your belongings away. You'll use your locker key to buy any food and drinks in the resting area. Keep it on!

There are 2 sections always, the pool room (gender-segregated, all clothes come off) and the sauna rooms (robes and PJs can stay on) I recommend spending time in the pools first. ALWAYS shower thoroughly before entering a pool. It's etiquette!

After 30-40 minutes in the pools, put the robe on and go explore the sauna options. Note the temperatures posted in front of each room for your convenience.

Then relax in the resting area, or buy yourself a Korean feast. All Jjimjilbangs have a restaurant inside!

Once you're ready to leave, shower and get ready to leave in the dressing area, which is always next to the lockers. Then you'll return the locker key at the front desk and pay for any food and drinks you bought inside.