Highly Effective Tips for Learning a New Language

By Polyglot Petra 2/21/24

Embarking on the adventure to learn a new language is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with cultural gems, intellectual insights, and endless possibilities for personal growth. Here are some of the best learning techniques that have been working wonders for me.

Go back to basic

Not grammar. I mean back to when you learned your mother tongue.

Just like how you did it when you were a baby, think less, listen more. When you think about every word you’re hearing and trying to decode them, the time you use to focus on decoding one word will cost you the rest of the sentence.  Result? You got one word… missed everything else. Think less and listen more. Trust your innate abilities. Our mind is more powerful than we believe.

Be consistent!

The hours don't matter as much as the frequency in this case!

Setting aside one hour or two once a week to learn does not work when it comes to languages. By the time you get back to learn, you’ll already have forgotten everything you learned the week before. Consistency is your mind’s best friend. If you’re busy and exhausted from work and it’s a choice between 2 hours once a week and 3 minutes every day, the latter will yield faster results.

Always give it context!

Don't make a list of word and try to memorize them.

Keeping a list of new words and staring at them every day does NOT work.  Our brains are not naturally equipped to understand abstract concepts as quickly as it does something contextual.  And until you do speak a language, words in the language will remain just that; abstract concepts.

Are you learning “Empujar?” (“To push” in Spanish) Do it. Push yourself away from the desk.  Do the action as you say the word so your brain will make that connection. Are you trying to memorize “librero” or “estantería?”  Try picturing a bookshelf every time you say the word, then watch your brain magically seal it down after a few times.

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