The Coolest Things to Do in Krabi in 2024

By Polyglot Petra 3/3/24

Among the white-sand beaches and blue seas of Southern Thailand is Krabi, with unique and stunning limestone mountains sprinkled throughout its landscapes.  This means when you’re in town, it’s not just sun-tanning on beaches, but hiking, rock-climbing, and anything else you can imagine!

Koh Hong

My go-to snorkeling option to avoid the crowds at Phi Phi Islands

Just like on the Phi Phi Islands, you get pristine white sand beaches and very clear water with colorful fish in Koh Hong as well.

One other thing it has in common, you can hike 15 minutes up to the viewpoint above the island.  It is a sight to behold.

Wat Tham Suea

Or the Tiger Cave Temple, is another must when in town

There are two parts of the temple, the ground level where all the monk quarters and sanctuaries are, and the platform atop a limestone mountain above.  The view up top is of course the selling point.

To get up there, you have to climb 1,260 steps of narrow and steep stairs with no elevator option.  So, I wouldn’t recommend this for very young children and older people.

Railay Peninsula

A collection of pristine beaches inaccessible via land

Somet people think it's an island, but it's actually a beach, a peninsula, right on the coast of the mainland.  You just have to reach it from the sea because land access is blocked off by limestone mountains! Oh, Krabi, aren’t you fascinating…

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